7 Amazing Facts About Plastic Surgery

The first successful plastic surgery was on Walter Yeo, a wounded soldier from the First World War who lost both eyelids, he underwent one of the world’s first plastic surgeries. Walter Yeo, went under the knife under the supervision of Sir Harold Gillies – the Father of Plastic Surgery  Gillies grafted a mask of skin over Walter Yeo’s face and eyes in what was then an innovative new technique. It was only after World War I, surgeon’s skills improved and the field witnessed advancement in technology and in surgical techniques. 

Interesting it may seem; here are seven other amazing facts that you probably did not know yet about Plastic Surgery. 

  1. Many people from around the world still live with the misconception that by undergoing plastic surgery, one is injected with a certain amount of plastic into the body and that the whole process is artificial/ fake. However, this is
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