Keeping your teeth white

Keep your Teeth White for that Hollywood Smile

A dazzling smile is incomplete without a set of pearly white teeth. We are all born with white healthy teeth but poor dental hygiene and bad lifestyle habits like smoking, excessive intake of coffee, tea, cola drinks and red wine, improper brushing techniques, turn your pearly whites to unsightly yellow. Home remedies help but sometimes you need that extra help which is available only at a dental clinic.

Other Reasons for discolored teeth

Teeth discoloration is not always due to external factors named above but at times there are internal problems in the inner structure of the teeth that can turn your teeth into a dull shade of grey, brown or ugly yellow.

  1. Due to some health issues when a mother is given antibiotics containing tetracycline the baby’s teeth are affected as the tetracycline will bind with the calcium ions in the teeth and lead to discoloration.
  2. Radiation and Chemotherapy
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Dental Care

Look after your Teeth and they’ll look after you!

When your teeth are healthy and your gums are strong you can flaunt that happy smile with confidence and for keeping your teeth shiny and bright you would have to be strict when it comes to your dental hygiene. Dental care and prevention of dental troubles are very easy if you ensure that you maintain proper oral hygiene. Did you know that half of the population on earth face one or the other dental issue – that is over 3.58 billion people! if you wish to be part of the other half of the population that have good teeth and Dental hygiene then follow the tips below.

Do and don’t for healthy teeth and gums

  • Do eat plenty of fiber-rich foods as part of your diet. This is not just good to keep your digestive system healthy but also good for your teeth and to keep gums clean and strong.
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