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About Be Covered Illinois

Be Covered Illinois is a grassroots campaign introducing uninsured Illinoisans to the new health insurance options available under the Affordable Care Act. The campaign provides user-friendly information and on-the-ground guidance to help families understand the new health care law. We work with community-based organizations and partners large and small to reach people where they live, work, learn, worship, text and tweet. The campaign will join with partners to educate their members, to hold neighborhood events linking families to services, and to help Illinoisans Be Covered.

Campaign Elements

Our website is an information hub for families and individuals seeking to understand the new health care changes under Affordable Care Act. The bilingual website features user-friendly content, Q and A's, Ten Tips, Health Insurance Starter Kits, testimonials, resource links, and online tools to help navigate the new law so that families can make the best decisions for their particular situation. The website houses our Community Calendar to connect families to events in their own neighborhoods.

Text Me Campaign

In our effort to reach families wherever they are, we have launched a texting campaign to make sure that families stay up-to-date on the important changes coming in the Fall. The texting campaign helps us stay in touch with families to make sure they know when important deadlines are approaching, links them to local resources and community events, and connects them to timely updates. We also use the texting program to help families access new mobile tools so they can get assistance while on-the-go. Text "JOINIL" to 33633 and receive information on your cellular phone. 

Neighborhood Events

Neighborhoods and the people and organizations within them are at the center of our effort. To that end, we bring together a wide range of community partners to host large-scale neighborhood events aimed at linking thousands of families to programs and services available to them. In addition to a resource fair, we offer on-site enrollment to ensure that families will not only learn about programs, but also be able to enroll, right then and there. Be Covered Illinois strives to help Illinoisans understand what options are available to them under the new health care law, and will provide them with information and tools that can help them take full advantage of the law's provisions. We also offer health insurance assistance, SNAP enrollment, flu shots and immunizations, free tax preparation, healthy food giveaways and much more.

Neighbor to Neighbor – Spread the Word Campaign

Be Covered Illinois makes a concentrated effort to encourage neighbors to talk to neighbors about the new health care law. Everyone we engage at events, online, through neighborhood organizations can connect their friends, colleagues and family to the campaign's resources at their doors, at the office, through social networks, and by word of mouth.

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